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Super-Cushion with High-Quality Compound Materials to Support Sitting for Long Periods

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placed Back to Back cushion on car seat

Back to Back

Back-to-Back created based on biomechanics

  1. Dispersion of the body weight to your back
  2. Avoidance of the burden to your legs
Backrest cushion "Back to Back"

This is a backrest cushion which reduces burden to your back and lower back by naturally pressing your right and left back muscles along with the backbone rather than just gently wrapping your back.


Size 21.2 x 12.8 x2.2 in
(530 x 320 x 55 mm)
Weight 330 g (11.1 oz)
Core Polypropylene
Cushioning Low bouncing-back urethane
Cover Polyester and cotton
Belt Polypropylene
Hook Polyvinyl acetal

Recommended for people who has experience 

  • Those who drive long distance or ride along in a car
  • Those with back or lower back pain
  • Those with stiff neck or shoulders
  • Those who feel discomfort from fastening the seat belt
  • Those who have heavy stomach feeling in a car
  • Those who have hard time breathing in a car


Back to Back helps you:

  • Helps support the back and lower back when riding in a car
  • Helps relieve discomfort from back and lower back
  • Helps prolong the fatigue accumulation by driving long distance or long hours
  • Helps place the backbone in the right position when driving
  • Helps maintain your driving concentration by correcting your posture
  • Helps reduce discomfort from fastening your seatbelt
  • Helps spread your chest and makes your stomach relaxed
  • Helps provide you fresh feeling with its well ventilation and heat-retainability
  • Helps match with a bucket seat as in sports cars       

Two Functions

1. Dispersing body weight on the back

When you use Back-to-Back Genki-kunTM, your muscles on your back get pressed outward and get the body weight dispersed. It gets close to the condition as standing, gets easier to absorb the weight to the backbone and disc areas, and reduces the burdens to your back.                             

before using cushion "Back to Back"
using cushion "Back to Back"

2. Preventing the burdens on you back from using foot pedals

Consecutive pedal operation while driving puts unexpected burdens on your back. Using Back-to-Back Genki-kunTM reduces the burdens on your back from pedal operations, tiredness on your back and joints, and back pain.                             

before using cushion "Back to Back"
using cushion "Back to Back": Preventing the burdens on you back

How to Use

  1. Place the Back-to-Back Genki-kunTM with the mesh side front.

  2. Adjust its belt at the headrest and set straightened without any slack.
    (See the picture on the right.)

  3. Lower the Back-to-Back to the bottom and use as it placed flat if you have a lumbar support on your car seat.       

How to use backrest cushion "Back to Back"