GENKI-KUN Toe Stretcher

GENKI-KUN Toe Stretcher


Improves your blood circulation, body flexibility and strengthening by stretching toes

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Product recognized as the first Toe Stretcher in the world. Sold more than one million pairs in Japan. Used by professional athletes, actors, and models

GENKI-KUN Toe Stretcher

Genki-kun toe stretcher has red, blue and yellow color
Spread all 5 toes

Helps relieve: Stress on your Feet, relieve pains from bunions, hammer toe deformities, varicose vein, and inflammation reduce athlete’s foot, children’s foot disorders such as bunions at the early stage.

The close feel to human muscles or skin Waterproof


Size S M L
Japanese 20.5 – 24 23.5 – 27 26.5 – 29.5
British 1.5 – 5 4.5 – 8.5 8 – 11
European 33.5 – 38 37.5 – 42.5 42 – 46
American 4 – 7.5 7 – 9 8.5 – 11.5
Color Red, Blue, Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
Material Polyethylene form (water proof)
Memo Its cover layer Specially embossed for well-ventilation and not absorbing moisture.


using Genki-kun toe stretcher. 足指ストレッチ

Genki-kun Toe-stretcher helps you:

• Stretche Achilles’ tendons

• Increase foot strength

• Prevent bunions, bunionettes, hammer toes

• Relieve stress on your feet

• Improve the circulation in legs and feet

• Make joints and ankles flexible

• Prevent athlete’s foot

Recommended for who has experience

  • Those who wear shoes all day long
  • Those who wear shoes all day long
  • Those who want to strengthen feet, improve flexibility and blood circulation
  • Those who want to prevent bunions or hammer toes, etc
  • Those in hospital bed who need exercise
  • Athletes for foot stretching and strengthening

How to Wear

How to wear Genki-kun toe stretcher
  1. Spread your toes.
  2. Place each toe into Genki-kunTM Toe Stretcher.
  3. Push it firmly to the base of your toes.
  4. Remove Genki-kun Toe Stretcher, if you experience pain. Massage your toes thoroughly and try again.


caution icon
  • Do not force yourself when you feel sick or pain wearing it.
  • Wear on both feet for proper body balancing.
  • Do not wear too long, especially in the beginning stage, before you get used to it.
  • Select the right size and hardness for best results.
  • Be cautious when walking wearing Genki-kun on the floor which may be slippery.
  • Do not use Genki-kun toe stretcher for other purposes other than toe stretching.
  • Keep it clean with regular washing. Do not use hot water when washing.
  • Keep away from fire.