Pillow Morpheus Nelgu

Pillow Morpheus Nelgu


Developed after years of study, the Nelgu pillow was designed for comfort, durability and functionality !

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Morpheus pillow Nelgu. モーフィアス枕, ねるぐ
Sleeping ⋅⋅⋅ Waking ⋅⋅⋅
Overcome your sleep problems


Size Dimensions
S D33 × W62 × H6 cm
M D33 × W62 × H8 cm

The Nelgu has two adjustable sections. (extra filling include)

Woven cloth 100% cotton
Quilted surface 100% cotton
Quilted inside 100% Polyester
Insulation 100% Polyester
Filler Polypropylene pipe

Recommended for people who has experience

  • A hard time waking up
  • Problems with pillow height
  • Frequent neck strain during sleep
  • Shallow sleep
  • Stiff neck and sore back
  • Problems sleeping on their sides
  • Difficulty rolling over during sleep

Touch, shape, functions

100% cotton quilted surface

A 100% cotton quilted surface

  • Softens the feel of the inner supporting material
  • Cushions the pillow for a “just-right” feel
  • Allows for subtle irregularities that aid in ventilation
  • Is popular in hotels that value quality and durability
4 divider

Advanced stitching of uniquely shaped compartments

  • Eliminates awkward contours providing ease of movement
  • Allows for natural body movement throughout the night
  • Gently cradles and supports the head and neck
  • Maintains pillow height to prevent discomfort
filling pipe

A specially designed synthetic fill

  • Evenly displaces weight, providing superior comfort
  • Allow the pillow to “breathe” at night
  • Reduces bacteria and common allergens

How to adjust the height

The Nelgu has two adjustable sections.

Section A is for adjusting the sides and neck support.

Section B is for the height of the head.

adjusting pillow's height.

gently tap the "neck support" area to adjust the height

tap the pillow to adjust its height.

The Nelgu supports different sleep positions

Face up

sleeping position: face up. 仰向き寝

On your side

sleeping position: on your side. 横向き寝

On your stomach

sleeping position: on your stomach. うつ伏せ寝

Face up


strains the neck


rounds the back


gently supports the neck



Distorts the face


strains the neck


straightens for spine



causes low back pain


supports the natural shape of your body

How to care for the Nelgu

  1. If necessary, the entire pillow is machine washable. (Be sure to use a laundry bag.)
  2. Air dry. Do not use a dryer as it may damage the delicate inner materials.