Silk Hand Warmers MAX

Silk Hand Warmers MAX


Comfort Silk Hand Warmers are perfect for those suffering from Rheumatism, Arthritis Pain and other problems associated with Cold Hands. The high-quality raw silk fabric allows for free range of movement while keeping your hands warm and removing excess moisture. Perfect for both day and night!

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Size Free size
Finger length Long
Color Black, Oatmeal, Pink, Sepia
Thickness Slightly thicker than normal
  • Black
  • Almond
  • Pink
  • Sepia
Materials 90% Silk, 10% nylon
Elasticity Raw silk feels rough at first, but becomes smooth over time. Gloves may fit large, but will shrink slightly after the first washing.

Recommended for who has experience

  • Other problems associated with Cold Hands
  • Those who suffer from hand sweat
  • People who suffering from Rheumatism
  • People who suffering from Arthritis Pain


Excellent Moisture Absorption/Release

The fabric has 1.3 to 1.5 times the breathability of cotton, leaving your hands warm and dry.

Superior Insulation

The specially woven fibers help to keep warm air near your hands for better thermal insulation.

Blocks UV Rays

Reduces harmful UV rays that can damage your skin.

Natural Moisturizers

Natural moisturizers in the silk leave your hands feeling soft.


Contains natural silk proteins (sericins) that fight bacteria.

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stray threads exposed at the ends of hand warmer

Occasionally, gloves will be purchased with stray threads exposed at the ends. Simply cut the stray threads with sharp scissors. This is a normal by-product of the manufacturing process and the threads will not unravel. 

There is embroidery on the only right hand. Otherwise, there is no distinction of left and right.

Care instructions

Laundry label

Hand wash only. Do not machine wash. Do not bleach. Do not machine dry.