Snore and the thirst are the enemies of good health! So change your habit of mouth-breathing to nose-breathing!

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Facial Fitness SlimHoho


Shift from mouth-breathing to nose-breathing Aid for facial care, cheek and face size-down Helps prevent snore, bad breath and cavity, and increase secreting saliva Reduce sialorrhea, deglutition disorder and aspiration pneumonia.

SlimHoho specification


Size 9 × 11.2 × 14 cm (5.6 × 4.5 × 5 in)
Weight 14.5 g (0.5 oz)
Color White, Pink, Mint
  • White
  • Pink
  • Mint
Finger Bar Polypropylene
Supporting Bar Stainless steel
Autoclave 132 Celsius / 269.6 (sterilizing temp)
Hardness Soft


1. Beauty Care

  • Strengthens mimetic and neck muscles
  • Thins your face size down (and also makes your face elastic and resilient)
  • Lifts up your oral angle
  • Revitalizes your skin (reduce acne and cure dry skin by improving metabolism)
  • Thins down your face line and chin (especially double chins or saggy neck area)
  • Balances the face symmetry, and make expressive and smile

2. Maintaining Health

  • Gets accustomed with keeping the mouth closed (for nose-breathing)
  • Strengthens the mouth and tongue muscles
  • Shifts from mouth-breathing to nose-breathing (and strengthens orbicularis oris, tongue, and hyoglossal muscles)
  • Reduces snore (apnea syndrome) and chronic tonsillitis
  • Increases secreting saliva and prevents catching cold (Increasing salivation encourages killing bacteria inside your mouth and also helps digestion)
  • Prevents bad breath, gum diseases, dry mouth, alveolar pyorrhea, and ageusia
  • Revitalizes gum, prevents the teeth from going back to the position before braced, and fortifies teethridge)
  • Revitalizes mimetic and neck muscles, (makes orbicularis oris and cheek muscles flexible.) improves enunciation or speech, strengthens muscles for playing the wind instruments, and makes mouth tense and firm

3. Rehabilitaion

  • Gets accustomed to keep your mouth close (to nose-breathe)
  • Strengthens tongue
  • Secretes saliva
  • Improves brain dysfunctions such as facial nerve palsy, deglutition disorder, sialorrhea, prevents aspiration pneumonia, and reduces senility (by stimulating the front lobes)

Recommended for who has experience

  • Those who have trouble in nose-breathing (i.e., those who mouth-breathe)
  • Those who concern skin pouches in cheek areas
  • Those who concert the imbalance of the face
  • Those who snore
  • Those who play the wind instrument
  • Those who want to maintain the teeth in the right positions after braces
  • Those who have dry mouth or thirst

How to Use

upper srtting

Upper Setting

SlimHoho mid setting

Mid Setting

SlimHoho lower setting

Lower Setting

An Example: Pushing and Stretching Training (Upper area):

Upper Cheek Muscles Training
Upper Cheek Muscles Training: push

caution icon


  • Use asa directed and do not use for other purposes than as described
  • Do not overdo your training with the instrument
  • Stop using if you feel jaw pain
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Keep away from excessive heat